Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Things Fly Apart, The Centre Cannot Hold..."

(Credit: Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff)

“Oh man - the bullshit piled up so fast in Vietnam you needed wings to stay above it.” - Martin Sheen as Captain Willard in Apocalypse Now (1979).
It's a given that reichtards on both sides of the 49th haven't checked in to see for themselves what progressives actually believe since 1979. They prefer to believe what their brain trusts tell them what we think. But every once in awhile the cold wet fish of reality slaps these douchebags in the face. And the cretins never see it coming. And the rest of us point and laugh.

"Clearly the best way to squelch the whole Robocon scandal is to sue the loudest MP in the HOC and flip Stephen Taylor the legal docs on the down-low so as to blow your whole case out of the water if it ever DOES go to court. I mean, most judges really hate it when your real intent is to fight out your suit in the court of public opinion, and more particularly in the blogosphere. They're serious folk who don't like having their time wasted.

But of course the whole point is to get Pat Martin to shut up and instead what will happen reminds me of that old Jesus joke where Jesus walks into the inn carrying some nails and a hammer and asks the innkeeper to put him up for the night. Pat Martin will spend the next two years cranking this for all its worth and if I were the NDP I would fund his legal case to the last stand, just to get to discovery.

Somewhere in Harper's inner circle somebody is trying to figure out a way to disappear Matt Meier and RackNine. Or, if they think this latest tactic will put this whole thing to bed, then they really are crazy."

A particularly astute observation from Dave at the Galloping Beaver:

"Given the history of Harper's party, there is no reason at all to believe him. He's behaving like someone whose wife just found a condom in his business suit."

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish.

One Less Nasty Piece of Work Making a Mess of things for the Rest of Us.
(Credit: Brendan Mcdermid / Reuters).
The right-wing Old Maids of both sexes are shocked - shocked! - that we're such big ol' meanies on the left side of the fence over our full-throated relief that a sociopath finally did something human. They clutch their pearls & fan themselves that we're being so personal at a time like this. Fuck You: your hero made it personal. You & your well-intentioned useful idiots on the left (I’m looking at you & your enabling cargo cults, Melissa McEwan & Ariana Huffington) try to shame us into silence - AGAIN - when we speak the unpleasant, ugly & unvarnished truth & point out that your emperors wear no clothes. I imagine that the stress from the prospect of actually being held accountable for his words & actions are what killed him: Shirley Sherrod had sued him for defamation & this past month his motion for dismissal had been denied, allowing her suit to proceed. It’s amazing how fast & hard the bullies fold when they know you have them on the hook & in your sights, & I don't mean any chickenshit nonsense like "surveyor's marks". I hope Mrs. Sherrod proceeds with her lawsuit against his estate, if such a thing is possible.

To those of you crying into your watery beers over the death of this pig: you sound pathetic eulogizing a scumbag. Keep it up. It just makes pointing out that your hero was an unrepentant serial liar who made more money in a year lying than decent people make in a decade trying to get by with an honest living that much easier. That - & that he hurt so many people with his lies - is why we who despise lies & the liars that tell them are clapping & cheering & dancing & singing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!" at the tops of our lungs. We will continue to do so whether the hell you & your sad-sack circle-jerking pity-patying blubbing fellow travellers like it or not. Do not bore us with anecdotes about how he’ll be missed by his wife & children or we’ll set fire to your tears.

Mrs. Breitbart & surviving children - Cold, Hard Truth time: your husband & father was an unrepentant serial liar who made more money in a year lying than decent people make in a decade trying to get by with an honest living. The roof over your heads, the warm dry beds that you sleep in, the clothes on your backs & the food that you eat are the fruits of his lying & slandering & lying & libelling & lying & the manufacture of falsehoods & lying & his relishing his role as someone that destroyed lives & careers with lies & lying & his toxic influence on the national dialogue & more lying. His legacy is disgraceful, shameful & odious & this world is made a better place by his passing, period. He was yours & no one else's & I shed no tears for him. That's your job, not ours.

Breitbardt: you can go take a big ol' suck on the devil's pecker, fat boy. For all the good people you hurt, I hope the worms eat your eyes. My only regret is that I didn't get to put you in the ground myself.