Thursday, November 11, 2010

So It Begins.

Remembrance Day.

I'm starting this blog on Remembrance Day because a) its an easy anniversary to remember, b) because the state of things on spaceship Earth is making me "mad as hell & I'm not going to take it anymore" & c) exercising our freedoms & responsibilities that go hand in hand with each other is the best way to show respect for those who fought to protect, preserve & expand said freedoms.

I've never fought in a war.  I hope I never will.  The way things are going I wonder if its something that can be avoided.  Currently my country is mired in a conflict on the other side of the planet, a conflict that was founded on a pack of lies.  At least 152 Canadians & tens of thousands of Afghans dead who don't have to be.  Our Gutless Wonder of a Prime Minister can't get us out of this mess while his underlings run around playing dress-up in Canadian Armed Forces uniforms - work clothes of the same people they're working to screw over when they think no one's looking.  Blasting any criticism of their chickenshit behavior as "attacking the troops" & then sacking the same guy they hired to look out for them because the man was doing his freaking job.

I can't say much on the subject that's already been said by others, so I'll let the Pouges say it for me.

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